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The above graph shows after our server move in November to a VPS at a2b2
End October was when the site was featured on a digg.com news item
and the traffic got us kicked off the hostgator server after an hour or two...
so we moved server and got a more powerful one with a2b2.com
August was our busiest month with 44.5 Gigabytes of transfer. The above graph shows after our server move during July/06.
The above graph shows yachtmati.com until our server move during July/06.
The above graph shows techmati.com and the yacht photos until after September when we made yachtmati.com
Yacht photos are bandwidth intensive, No problem with our new web host.
we now have 300gb available for each month so browse all you want
We are now hosted on a VPS with 450mhz, 512mb ram
Thanks very much indeed for visiting! we hope you had fun.
m/y Octopus. It's a 125m monster giga yacht owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft. Another collector of mega yachts. Seen at marinas worldwide making other major yachts look bad.
PELORUS. Another monster yacht from the gods at Lurssen, by the yacht designer Tim Heywood.
AIR. Lurssen and Tim Heywood are at it again with the first yacht with azipods and an environmentally friendly specification.
RISING SUN. At 138m LOA she is the longest yacht we have featured here.
PRINCESS MARIANA. Another masterpiece yacht design from Espen Oeino.
ILONA. A beautiful yacht from Amels
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