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ASTIR - Cantieri di Pisa Akhir 110 at Marina Flisvos 19/Sep/05

KINTARO - Cantieri di Pisa Akhir 125 built 2005, at Marina Flisvos 30/Sep/05


MY NAT - Cantieri di Pisa Akhir 105 S built 2004, at Marina Vouliagmeni 25/Sep/05

MY NAT again

MY NAT at Vouliagmeni Marina 07/Jul/07

DORA G - Cantieri di Pisa Akhir 110 built 2001, at Marina Vouliagmeni 25/Sep/05

GEOSAND - Cantieri di Pisa Akhir 100 built 2005, at Marina Flisvos 13/Sep/05

Here you can see the stern door of GEOSAND open on 03/Feb/06

VERA at Alimos

Photos by willawake and Canon 20D


There are quite a few Pisas in Greece. Suprising is how new some of these are.
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