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Yachtmati.com has been more successful than expected. The site has about 500 visitors per day from all over the world, viewing around 30gb per month of yacht images. You can check the stats here. A large proportion of the visitors are new ones also so it seems the site is getting enjoyed by a lot of people around the world which is nice.
Unfortunately there is a limit to the yachts we can photograph. We really need assistance from other photographers around the world to keep the visitors enjoying new yacht pics as much as we enjoy to take them.
So we thought up something so that the visitors can benefit from photos from other photographers and also the photographers get something back.
If you wish to contribute a yacht feature (one we have not shown before with 3-5+ photos of the yacht) then we can offer on the same page as your yacht photos, any of the following :
Your own google adsense (You will have to sign up for your own account and give us the code)
Advertisement for your company or product.
Link to your yacht industry site.
Your own banner ads which you organise the sale of.
Anything else you can think of or just plain show your photos to the world.
If we have already featured the yacht then we can show your ads inbetween or at the end of your photos. If you have enough photos then we can simply make a new page.
To be fair we will not show our google ads on your pages (as long as your photos are enough to be shown on a page by themselves).
You will have your own page where all your photos will be shown as well.
Like these ones : Gary's gallery, Richard's gallery
Single shots of different yachts are of course accepted as well although we cannot feature on them, they will be shown on your page and around the site in appropriate sections.
Sell your photos here
Your email can be noted on the page of yacht photos if you wish (with javascript anti-spam feature) so if some magazine wants to license them then you will be contacted direct and you will make your own agreement of the licensing terms.
Promote your yacht here
The offer is also open to yacht owners etc who want to promote their yacht for charter on the site. The catch is that we dont want your professional brochure photos. We want amateur photos in the spirit of the amateur pics that we show here.
Show your Shipyard's Work
A great way to promote your shipyard at no cost would be to show some photos of yachts following their drydocking at your yard. We can have a link or banner ad for your yard on the pages with the photos. Please make sure that you have permission from the owner to show them though.
Quality needed
The photos would have to be similar quality to the ones we show here. Basically any decent around 5 megapixel or above camera will do that. When we make a page of your photos then we will edit them to look best but there is a limit to what we can do. We have to keep showing similar quality otherwise the visitors will lose interest so it is likely we have to reject some proposals.
Advertising Limit
Regarding advertising the important thing is that it is discreet similar to what we have shown on the site so far. The visitors will be annoyed if there is too much advertising. The advertising in this proposal is limited to yacht industry only.
100ft and over please
The visitors want to see big yachts really so the offer is not open for small yachts.
Yachtmati.com is served on a linux VPS (Virtual Private Server) running Centos with about 400mhz and 512mb ram hosted in a quality US Datacenter. It is pretty powerful and reliable (and expensive.....)
Please contact us if you find this interesting. Please let us know how you would like your photos credited whether your full name or a username etc. Please also let us know if you want to take advantage of any of the above offers or if you want anything like a link or your email shown on your photo page.
m/y Octopus. It's a 125m monster giga yacht owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft. Another collector of mega yachts. Seen at marinas worldwide making other major yachts look bad.
PELORUS. Another monster yacht from the gods at Lurssen, by the yacht designer Tim Heywood.
AIR. Lurssen and Tim Heywood are at it again with the first yacht with azipods and an environmentally friendly specification.
RISING SUN. At 138m LOA she is the longest yacht we have featured here.
PRINCESS MARIANA. Another masterpiece yacht design from Espen Oeino.
ILONA. A beautiful yacht from Amels
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